365 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Day 8

What a busy day i have had. With my job ( i work in disabilities), i do two sleep overs a fortnight, last night being the first one. I start at 5pm and come home about 7 am. I am lucky, because from 11pm i get to sleep, sometimes i don’t though, depends on the residents.

Last night was a good night, a nice solid sleep. I came home, let the dogs in after feeding them, made my coffee, had a quick look at Facebook and my emails, before i sat down and tacked my 3rd task which was to continue my writing. I got a good hour in on my Mother’s day story.

I was so engrossed in my writing i nearly forgot what time i had to be at the gym for my cycle class. My trainer told me, she had expected a text message telling her i couldn’t make it, but i had voweled not to make any excuses, and to turn up.

Not to bad i thought. Felt like the bike seat was still stuck to my butt when i got home. Still a little sore and its four hours later.

No pain, no gain they say. Nobody has ever had to do Tanya’s cycle class. She smiles all the way through it. Scary!!!!!!

I come home to make my self a shake, my fiancee bacon and egg rolls, before getting tea ready. Slow cooked lamb chops with mushrooms. One of the pitfuls of working nights, is if i dont plan my dinners, i will graze and thats not helpful, plus at least then the king in my palace is eating healthy too. Much to his disgust sometimes. Totally a steak, chips and eggs man.

I go for a shower, get changed out of my sweaty clothes, put a load of washing on. (See i was using that as an excuse to Procrastinate yesterday). I sit at the table for a few minutes, sort of working myself up to go outside to tackle my task 2, which is to feed all the plants out in the garden.

Its time consuming and it also shows me how many weeds i have in my garden as well. I would like to eventually fill the garden with succulents and Australia wild flowers to mix in with the roses. Make the garden a little more low maintenance.

I head out the back to feed all the plants in the courtyard as well. My back garden is mostly weeds. All for another day. I am greatly suprised to see one of my orchids had a flower stem on it.

I have had them in a few different places, but they seem to love being under the tree fern, which i would like to cover before the summer to give it some protection.

A task for my Procrastination list later in the year.

My third task for today is to wash my windows. I said that maybe i would just do the lounge room windows, but i ended up doing all the outside windows. Inside will also be another days Procrastination task.

Now for some rest time. I have to be back at work at 5pm. Enough time for some cuddles on the couch with my little Lucky girl, maybe even a quick nap.

Tomorrow is Sunday. My tasks will be light ones.

Task 1. Take our new couch for our holiday retreat to the retreat. Its really starting to look like my sort of place. Light, bright and comfortable.

Task 2. Vacuum and wash the floors, depending on time between getting home and going to my weekly AA meeting.

Task 3. Enjoy some down time. (Everyone needs that on a Sunday)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Xxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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