356 Days of Recover from Procrastination

I have decided to keep myself accountable for my list every day i need to change the title of my daily blog.

I have been counting down as in day 1 till 8 so now we are at day 9, 9 days out of the 365 equals 356. A giant countdown to keep me on track.

I am hoping that when i get to day 1, i will have pretty much have my Procrastination under control. Maybe even have a book written, be in a better mental health state. Be better organised, feel a lot like my old self, the old self that had a good routine in her life.

I know one thing that will have changed and that will be i will 45 years old instead of 44 years old. ( not that i am too worried about getting older) I will also be a Mrs instead of a Miss that i have been all my life. ( something that i am very much excited about, because i didnt think it would ever be possible)

My three tasks for tòday were,

1. Swap over couches at our retreat.

We drove the two hours to our getaway, it seemed surreal that we couldn’t stay there only a flying visit.

We swapped this…..

Lovely floral sofa bed, which did its job for what it was needed for, but the new couch is much more devine. Usually i would love the older pieces of furniture, but in reality it wasn’t the most super comfy lounge in the world.

Now our new lounge while a tad smaller and doesn’t fold out into a bed, does have a double recliner in a nice cream leather.

Its been covered to protect against the dust, as we only get up there every second weekend. It will also stop puppy claws, when our dogs come with us.

I am looking forward to this weekend when we can use it for the first time.

It was a four hour round trip to do this task, but i was able to get home and quickly get all my floors done. Which was task 2.

I would like to make this a weekly habit, something i used to do and will get back into.

Now for task 3. Which is to enjoy some down time. My down time On most Sundays is i attend my weekly AA MEETING, i have missed the last two due to other life moments. This is my way of relaxing. Being able to hang out with like minded people and to be able to share our stories, to help and encourage the new comers.

Every week i am brought to tears of the stories of strength, hope and honesty. It gives me strength to get through the rest of the week. It reminds me of the yets that i could have experienced if i was still in my addiction. It also helps me to be humble again.

Tomorrow is Monday again, the start of another work week. It all rolls around to quickly.

Task 1. Get to the gym. (I had today off)

Task 2. Get my project table closer to being finished. (Procrastination has been very high here, because i haven’t felt the connection to the project, due to a misunderstanding) my imagination is really big, sometimes overwhelmingly big.

Task 3. Put the sofa bed up for sale. (Does anyone want it?)

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Xx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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