355 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Monday bloody Monday. The start of another week. It always rolls around to quickly. My sunday night sleep is always distrubed by the alarm going off just before 6 am, to remind me that its another work day, though i shouldn’t complain as its only a two hour shift.

I have worked odd hours most of my working life, and once it would have grated on me to only have two hours, but now that i am older i realise that there is more to life than just working.

In the last year i have over come a lot of ups and downs, to finally be in a place that i feel comfortable, makes my life / work more manageable. Helps to calm my mental health and keep me in check.

My Procrastination, i know is part of my depression and its why i need to on work it, my tasks everyday are keeping me in check, giving me purpose and re enlightening my energy.

Todays task 1. Was to get to the gym.

This mornings efforts were Pilates and hot yoga, two hours with this incredible teacher Leona. Who is inspiring and down to earth.

Through out my life i have learnt about meditation and for me my yoga practices have always been more enlightening when the teacher is calm and center like this lady is. I always leave feeling enriched, calm and slightly more flexible after being a pretzel.

I came home feeling lighter and energized. I put the 3rd task, which was to advertise our sofa bed on line. It must be a slow day for selling sofas as i haven’t had any offers as yet.

Its beautiful, don’t you think?

My second task, which was to tackle my project, was put on hold as i had to do a couple of other things, rendering it impossible for me to do anything about it today, but my wonderful partner has helped in getting all the paint off for me so that i can finish it off, its given me hope.

Tomorrow i have a quiet morning before heading to work, for a few hours.

Task 1. I want to water all the plants.

Task 2. Get some decent writing time in.

Task 3. Put away all the washing, change the sheets on my bed.

Small tasks, but manageable tasks. Some days can be big, but other days need to only be small. We don’t need to put to much pressure on ourselves.

Hope everyone has a great week. Xxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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