352 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Mmmmmmmm i loved this morning. I slept into 8am. Feels like forever since i have been able to do that. 7.30 is usually the limit. I would have slept longer, but i had a lot planned for today.

Thursday’s are usually pretty busy for me. I meet up with a new member who i am mentoring, i have work and yoga as well. I had also booked in for some girl pampering time as well.

I started out with my coffee and my phone on silent, so i could concentrate on my first task and that was at least half an hour of writting. I would have liked more time, but i was meeting my friend for a walk near her place.

Not a bad effort really. It was longer than yesterdays walk. I love walking and talking. It really is one of the greatest ways of getting things done, questions asked and a good connection made. Plus walking off the extra kilos i need to lose. It was the perfect task 2.

I was so engrossed with my conversation, i needed to go straight to work.

Work is not hard, when i can take my car through the car wash, get my client to supervise my vacuuming of the car.

My car is also a place i Procrastinate about. I still need to dust and give the inside of my car a good clean, but it does look better than it did when i went out this morning.

My work day finished at 4.30. I headed off for some pampering, before heading to the gym for some yin yoga.

Thank you Pinterest for once again coming to my rescue. (I wish the girl in the picture was me. Sadly not)

In yin yoga its about stretching and meditation. Tonight we did the main picture along with a lot more. I am so unflexable that my head didnt get any where near the bolster, but hey i was there i was giving it a go.

It is just practice after all.

By the time i got home and had tea, it was after 7.30pm. I went down to my room, looked underneath the bed, and decided it all needs to be done in the day light. So task 3 has been put on hold for today.

Hooray tomorrow is Friday. Sigh sigh sigh. The start of my weekend off. I only have one every second weekend. We are heading off to our retreat, taking our 6 year old granddaughter with us.

My tasks for tomorrow are.

1. Writting

2. Pilates class

3. Chill out and enjoy our first night. (Get to use our new lounge) The old sofa bed is still for sale if anyone wants it!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great day. Xxxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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