Day 348 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

All day i have been having signs from the universe, telling me that i will be ok. Thank you universe and mother. Xxx

I achieved all my tasks.

1. Was to go to the gym. In the past when my mood has been a bit blue, i have opted to come home, skip the gym and have a nap for the day. I did have a half an hour lay down this afternoon, before going back for some personal training. I figure i must of needed it seeing as i caught myself slightly snoring, at the end of yoga. A little embarrassing. 😴🧘‍♀️, but i am super proud of the fact that i went.

2. Was to confess my sins to my trainer about my binge over the weekend. Lucky for me she is understanding, and i realise that its i who is putting the sugar and junk into my body not my trainer. It is sort of like watching my football team losing. The coach trains everyone to do a great job on Saturday, but when it gets to the day, all the players play like they have never bern coached before.

3. Was to go easy on myself. Doing this is harder than it looks. I am excellent at giving great advice, but suck at applying it to myself. Last week i had a small womens procedure, and i think its really knocked me for a six.

Being aware of what is upseting me, is key to fixing it. I think, that the realisation that i will never have another baby, really hit home. I had hoped to have more than one, but i have left it to late. My hormones are running wild and its making me a little emotional.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have at least one child, get to be a mother. There are so many out there who dont get that chance, but it still feels like i have lost a limb.

My fur babies and when we get to see the grand kids will have to be enough now.

Tomorrow i am having a little sleep in. No work till 12.30.

After Pilates i will complete my first task.

Last week i decided to update our room, so as part of my first task tomorrow it will be to go to spotlight and price some curtains. This i think will brighten up our dull and boring room.

Task 2. Will be to price a new fan and wall lights as well.

Task 3. To complete more of my life coaching course that i put on the back burner due to Procrastination.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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