Day 347 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Task 1, was to go to spotlight and look at different curtains for my make over of my bedroom. The choice is mind boggling. I have always rented and never really thought about the window dressings.

I chose the first multi color curtain for a joke. My fiancee is terrified that i am going for big bold colors. Its my own twisted way of keeping him guessing. 😁 When really i would like neutral tones, and to add pops of color. I think i have decided to go with blinds. More modern and they take up less room in my not so big room. The big heavy curtains and lace curtains are a thing of old. Well for me at least.

Task 2, was to look at fans and lightning for my going to be transformed room, it was nearly as hard as looking for curtains. And the prices are amazing. I loved this fan, but it was over $400. The pendants would look nice hanging down on either side of the bed. I wonder if i could get it wired up so i can turn them on from the door, but to be able to turn them on and off individually next to the bed as well. Mmmmmmm ideas ideas. 😏

My third task was to doing some of my life coaching study, but i ended up working all day and had to change my Pilates class from the morning to the afternoon. I came home cooked tea, and the fire had been lit and its so lovely and warm in my house that, my couch was more important today.

Tomorrow is a new day and i am not going to be hard on myself about skipping one of my tasks. Sometimes its better to just admit defeat and enjoy my down time.

Tomorrow is a easy day. Time to make up for missing todays task.

Tomorrow i will go walking in the morning, then i will come home sit down and do some of my study.

Task 1. Study

Task 2. Pilates

Task 3. Meal list made up for the fortnight

Hope everyone has had a great day. Xxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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