Day 343 Day’s of Recovery from Procrastination

Every second weekend i work nights. Once i would have finished at 7 am and gone home to bed, sometimes i do, it depends on if its a good night or not. Depends on if my residents, want me to sleep.

But last night was a good night. Do i enjoy getting up at 5.45am on a Saturday? NO!!!!, but its only every second weekend i do it.

I finshed work, went home, sat on my couch and realised if i was going to own my Saturday like a boss i needed to get up, get dressed and show up at the gym for my cycle class.

My trainer knows how to kill us. Today was the end of a ten week challenge. I knew i hadn’t won, but i felt energised that i had completed the competition, i wanted my after photos to be of a non sweety (sorry glistening) fit chick. Lol

My hair was plastered to my head, and it had taken me seven weeks in to the challenge, to realise that my mindset needed to change. So i wasn’t as skinny as i would like, but there was a change in my posture and my body even though very slight. I was happy.

I drove home deciding that we would head over to the Dandenong markets for our meat shopping. Seeing as my fiancee had wanted to come with me to do the shopping.

I love this place, everything you need under one roof, meat, fruit, veg, flowers, markets stalls, i also love all the different cultures and the different smells, all the exotic foods you can get. It gets bigger every time we go.

We had some lunch, before we headed into the bazaar first, just for a look, but there wasn’t anything interesting.

I was walking through the crowds of people, with my shoulders back, my head held high, i was side stepping, dodging walking to were i wanted like i was a boss. I was polite as i went around people, but i wasn’t stopping. It has been years since i felt that feeling of ownership over my surroundings. Its a feeling i am going to work on from now on.

We got everything we needed, and we headed home. Shopping away, my dressing gown went on, my blanket went over me and i promptly went to sleep for a couple of hours curled up on the couch in my nice warm wood fire heated home. While my fiancee watched the footy.

Extremely happy with today, smashed it out all my tasks like a boss.

Tomorrow, well tomorrow i am going to take it as it is. Have a restful day. I am not setting myself any tasks just unplugging from the world for a little while and enjoying what will be, will be.

Goodnight everyone. Xxxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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