341 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

Monday i am loving Monday’s. Two hours of work, then two hours of yoga and pilates. Then some personal training this afternoon. Task 1 was easy today.

My hips were really feeling it this morning. Sitting like a slob on the couch yesterday i think didnt help. I have to find something to do everyday. I am really starting to enjoy going to the gym everyday. I never thought i would say that, seeing as i had always resisted gyms and perfered to do outdoor things.

I love rock climbing, but am unable to do that here in outer Melbourne as my favourite spot to go climbing is in the heart of Brisbane at Kangaroo point. Bit far and the indoor center is only open after 4pm and its just not the same without my friends.

Task 2. Was to do some boring house work.

There is only two of us and our fur babies that live in our house, but it seems to always be dirty.

The above statement is so very true, I would have loved to be reading a good book today. The winter months are depressing. I wish i had a window that took in all the light from outside into a room so i could sit feeling content with the winter sun coming through the window and warming me up. But alas i don’t so my house smells lovely and clean.

My writting today is just confined to here, and thats ok, because after all the exercise i have done i am feeling a bit tired.

Tomorrow i am going to,

Task 1. Clean out my car.

Task 2. Throw out my computer and reorganize my desk.

Task 3. Feed the plants. Need to do this to keep the pests off the roses, before the spring gets here in three weeks. ( yes counting down the days till winter is over) 😁

Hope everyone has had a great day. Xx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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