Day 340 Days of Recover from Procrastination

Learning not to Procrastinate is also teaching me, to let go of things personally. The old saying “it’s water off a ducks back” is becoming a saying that i could get used to the same as saying “I am Fabulous” which is how i greet people when asked how i am.

Positive words lead to positive actions.

Todays tasks were to clean out my car, bin my old computer and feed the garden to protect it from pests.

The car was easy, i just needed to off load the bags of op shop bags to my local vinnies. I had a look around inside to see if i could get a bargin, but i didnt see anything that appealed to me. Well there was a couple of lovely antique pieces, but my house is not big enough for them. Nice to have a look though. šŸ˜

When i was feeding all the roses and my potted garden i kept wondering does my fertilizing liquid have a used by date?, and is there a genie living inside that bottle, because i seem to have had it for five years at least. Mmmmmmmm maybe i just havent feed my garden properly. šŸ›ā˜˜ā™»ļøšŸ˜

This last task was easyish to do. I really liked having a computer to sit in front of to do my study and writting, but when the stupid thing keeps not working properly then there is only one thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thats not to Procrastinate, or put it out in the shed thinking one day maybe i will get it looked at and just bin it. Things are not built any more to last forever.

My desk now looks huge, without it there. Though i do have a few art projects i would like to do and now i have more room to do it. (A positive in the negative).

My big 12 year old knucklehead got some mum time today, not often he gets to sit on my knee. This dog saved my life, and i saved his. He is my fur hero.

Tomorrow is a pamper day.

Task 1. Nails will be done.

Task 2. Enjoy a walk and talk along the forshore with a friend

Task 3. Pilates in the afternoon.

Did everyone have a wonderful day? Xxxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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