Day 339 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

I love that my nail therapist @Polishednailtechnician Lisa is so very colorful in her brushes. One and a half hours of talking, laughing and a beautiful job of my nails too. I drive for half an hour for this luxury. Yes i could go up the road, even walk up there, but i love the fact that i am treated like a real customer and not just a number. (Really what i love and i am not being racists is the fact that all our conversation is in english)

First task done and dusted. Love a little pampering every now and then.

Task 2 was to go walking and have a deep conversation with a friend of mine, but she wasn’t up to it today, so on my way home from safety beach, i took the scenic route along the beach. Much nicer than the freeway. All the beautiful houses on my right and the ocean and the beach huts brightly painted on my left.

I did have some internal arguing with myself, do i go for a walk by myself or go home. As i got to Oliver’s hill, that is one of my favorite parts of Frankston, i made the decision to stop at the lookout and go for my walk.

Not a big walk, but i did breathe very heavily coming back up the hill. I loved walking by myself. I touched the native plants as i went past.

Took in the beauty of the changing sky. The smell of the ocean and only wrinkled my nose a little bit at the seaweed washed up on the boat pier.

The Frankston pier behind me, took a bashing from a storm a few days ago. A piece from the end came away and floated away. Reminds me of how we feel sometimes when we are caught in a storm, but its calm now.

I am learning to stand within storms of life again and to stand strong, without feeling like a piece is being taken from me.

My third task was to go to Pilates, but i remembered that i had a heap of modules to do for work. I have been procrastinating over them, actually just ignoring them, hoping they would go away, but it doesn’t look good to keep ignoring them, so i got started with my little side kick.

I can not go far without my fur babies being with me. She was warmimg my back nicely.

Always looking for a positive in every situation.

Tomorrow is a busy day.

I was going to do a cycle class in the morning, but i think i will have a little sleep in.

Tasks for tomorrow will be.

1. Get more study done.

2. Yin yoga in the evening

3. Treat others as i want to be treated.

Happy hump day everyone. Have a great evening. Xxxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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