Day 332 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

I am pretty sure this is what i did through out today. I was that that yellow bright shining girl who shone her fabulous onto everyone else that i encountered.

I had expected to encountered some negative vibes today, but my higher power was watching out for me and i didn’t have to face my task 2. My patience wasn’t tested in any difficult situations, so then that made my task 3 easy which was to smile so big that everyone else smiles with me.

Task 1. No coffee was that little bit more difficult, as i have become dependent on it first thing in the morning.

There are so many pros and cons of drinking coffee. I only had one, which i think is great for me. Seeing as i could down at least six a day. Its something i will work on.

Doing my procrastination list and keeping myself accountable every day is shifting my thinking. I am loving seeing parts of the old me, the pre breakdown me coming out again.

Minus the inflated ego and the arrogance those parts of the old me that can stay in the past.

Now i am concentrating on just clearing out the clutter of my mind, silencing my over active imagination that lead me to make silly decisions. I am learning to follow my heart and instincts again.

I am learning what are my triggers, what set them off and how to keep myself calm while not falling back into old habits, that lead to procrastination.

My tasks for tomorrow are,

Task 1. Get to yoga at least half an hour early to do some meditation

Task 2. Practice more self love in my thoughts and feelings. This is something i have identified as a trigger. When i do not think good things it leads to bad feelings.

Task. 3 Have a little sleep in. 8 am will be nice. My dreaming sometimes is horrific and will wake me in the middle of the night. This morning i dreamt that i was going to be late for work, and i would have been if i hadnt woken up when i did.

I think i need to start documenting my dreams to find out the meanings.

Happy hump day everyone. Xxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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