Day 330 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

I am finding that with each passing day, that my procrastination list is getting smaller, and i am becoming more confident.

Will i stop doing this everyday? No that would be crazy. I am only just one month in and as everyone knows if you are to succeed at proper recovery you need to first get past the first 90 days, and then reach one year. The first year is always the hardest. It seems like such a longtime too, but really it does go very quickly.

With my growing confidence, there are things happening that not long ago i wouldnt have believed possible, but with anything postive everything is possible. My strength in myself and my abilities to be able stand within a storm, and to survive it are giving me my protective glass shell more thickness, protecting me from what ever happens in life.

Task 1 today was not to skip my yoga, i did skip only because a spot opened up in my favorite Pilates class. I have had a busy week with work and havent done my usual four pilates and three yoga classes. Only managed to get to two Pilates classes this week and boy did i feel it in my hips and lower back this morning.

So that means no slacking next week. At least three pilates and two yogas as i am working all morning on Monday, that slices out one pilates and yoga class, but no excuses for the rest of the week at this stage.

Tonight’s tea, and Task 2. Lemon oil and seasonings added to my roasted veg. I also added a can of baked beans. Its nice to not have meat all the time. Something quick and simple and very good for me. I do love vegan food.

My fiancee is probably happy that i am working tonight, so he doesn’t have to smell the after math of my tea. 🤣😖🤢🤮

My third and final task was some pesky house work. I did manage to get our bed changed and 90% of the washing done. So i am happy with that. This is a working weekend, so i do not relax as much as i would usually.

Tomorrow is Saturday and i think i will go a little easy, i am working an inactive night duty at this stage, so my tasks will be.

1. Get the floors done.

2. Ride further than 20 ks in my cycle class in the morning.

3. Enjoy the rest of the day, which is meant to be 18 degrees. Bit hot for a winters day, but hey who is complaing? NOT me thats for sure. I might even lay out in the sun with the dogs, well one of them at least. The little one loves the sun, but my big old blue is not a fan, he’ll probably just come over every now and then to check i have rolled over before going back into the shade.

Happy Friday everyone xxxxxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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