Day 329 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

I am impressed with todays efforts in my cycle class. Yesterday i set my task 2 as ride further than 20 ks in class. While it was only about 3.5 ks more i am happy with the result.

My legs were like jelly when i finished, our instructor likes us to challenge her by suggesting music to ride to. I put up the challenge of Olivia Newton John’s song Xanado.

I wasn’t very impressed with the remix of this classic song. I do not recommend it, absolutely the worse remix i think i have ever heard. I will in this case stick to the classic orginal. Much better sound.

Task 1. Was to get the floors done. I dont know why i struggle with part of house work. I came home from the gym, cooked some bacon and eggs for brunch, had a shower and started cleaning. I think if i hadn’t had to go to work at 4 pm, i would have kept going.

I was loving, being back in my Saturday cleaning routine. Before my breakdown, every Saturday i would go completely through my house cleaning everything. I would put on my music, and just get into it. Shaun Mullins or Motley Crue would go on and my daughter would disappear, because she knew what sort of cleaning day it was going to be if i put on either of those two.

While i didnt listen to music today, i really got into the groove of my cleaning. Silly as it sounds. I was so into my groove that the day passed without me sitting in the sun. It did turn terrible in the afternoon though. Task 3 not completed, but hey it wasnt really a procrastination type of day.

Having the old me feeling back, made me feel nostalgic for how i used to look at the world. The other night i was talking to a good friend of mine i used to work with, she said to me, i was always the peace keeper, the one everyone knew they could bitch to, but knew i wouldnt go and tell. I was the one who usually had the positive way of fixing situations.

I have recently encounted some not so nice things, and it made me realise that i need my old kind of thinking about certain situations. I have always prided myself on being a good person, who doesn’t enter into the bullshit drama that others like to create, but with my self confidence down, i was pulled into it more than i would like.

So my tasks are,

1. Remember who i am

2. Just shrug my shoulders, keep my head high and to be proud of myself

3. Keep my thoughts to myself. Be the true scorpion that i am.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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