327 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

I have never and will never be like any other girl you will know! Do you know why? Its because i am unique and i am me! Something that all of us have to remember. We are special and unique in our own ways.

When i was growing up, my siblings and i were taught that,

1. We were Sullivan’s and we are as tough as nails.

2. As Sullivan’s we didn’t take shit from anybody or anything.

3. We were also taught that there was no such word as can’t.

Our parents didn’t teach us this to be bullies, we were taught it to have confidence in ourselves and our ability to acheieve everything we wanted for ourselves. We were also taught that we are equals.

My father often tells us that he has no favourites, as we are all seven of us as ugly as each other. No one is offended by this, we are a close family, without living in each others pockets.

My mother is the one who often told us that there was no such word as can’t. It was not in the dictionary. We believed her.

When my daughter was growing up i used to say the same thing to her, but unfortunately for me, by then it was in the dictionary. I had to change it to “Can’t is a defeatist attitude”

My daughter is now grown and has proven that she doesn’t like the word can’t either, seeing as she has acheieved everything i had ever hoped for her and more.

I have let the word can’t into my sentences, and i now see that its a really negative word, some thing my positive mind doesn’t like. There will be no more can’t in my verbal dictionary.

It has pushed my creativity a side as well, but i also think society pushed a lot of can’ts onto me to.

I am now pushing back at society. My imagination is so big that i can find a positive in way every negative and i can create sad situations into happy situations most of the time.

Why should i have to chane to suit others opions? I shouldn’t because then that would mean i am not me. We do learn from others and constructive criticism is sometimes good, but its not when feel like we are being forced to change.

I love to help others change their negative thinking into positive thinking, but i know that they have to want that too. It’s their lives not mine.

I choose not to Procrastinate anymore.

I choose to change my bad habits

I choose to move forward and to live my life the best i can, regardless of what others may think.

I am a Sullivan after all. Xxxx

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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