Day 319 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

How great is it that i can turn up to Pilates in my ugg boots. My most favorite shoes, my multiple amounts of different coloured pluggers will be out soon. Now that the winter is over.

It was a really nice day today. The third day of spring really had the heat turned up. Everyone was out with their faces turned towards the sun like they had just come out of hibernation.

I am hoping that with the weather changing and summer coming, then my dedication to going to the gym and being outside will increase. I can walk to work from where i live, i will start walking, when the magpie nesting season is over. No need for the swooping and the pecking of the head, though it would make me run.

Discipline is one of the things i lack. My addictive nature likes being lazy, and procrastinating, it got used to it during the dark years of my breakdown. Its my comfort zone.

The last two weeks have been hectic with work and i used it as an excuse not to go to the gym. I allowed my procrastination thinking to get the better of me.

I nearly didn’t make it to my first task today, because my brain was tired. But i made the decision to come home get changed and swollow some concrete and harden the f#$@ up.

Was Pilates hard? Yes it was, because i haven’t been dedicated enough to get into my routine.

Was i happy when the class finished? Hell yes i was happy. I had proved to myself i could do it and i felt relaxed too, because my task two was a little stressful.

Task two was to take my lucky girl to the vets about her eye. I made a mistake and let her have somthing to eat very early this morning, so they wouldn’t operate on her. 😭

Back to the vets tomorrow, not food this time.

Task three was to get the washing folded. Something i did when i got home from the gym,while waiting for our nephew and his girlfriend to cook us tea.

It was really nice not to have to cook.

Tomorrow my tasks will be.

1. Get the certificates verified and sent off. Ring around about a few more wedding things. (No quotes on line. I have been harssed by a catering company)

2. Be a better mum to my lucky girl, make sure her operation is done.

3. More Pilates in the afternoon.

I have to keep up my routine, build new better routines in my life.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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