Day 318 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

The joys of being a pet owner. My little googly eyed girl had to have an operation today. She’s not coping to well with the cone on her head. Her boyfriend/brother blue is not coping to well without her being with him, and her hogging all the attention.

I am the mother of a human child, and my heart constricts for my fur baby as much as it does for my human child. It is amazing how much our fur babies change our lives.

My blue boy was my saviour when i become an empty nester. He needed someone to love him and i needed the companionship that you lose when your children leave home, or in my case i left home.

Now we are blessed with our lucky girl, hope she feels better soon.

Todays foot attire for Pilates. Love that i can wear my Frankston moccasins and not be worried about what others would think. Soon i will be able to not worry about the yoga socks either.

Today’s class was much easier. I realeased all the emotions i had bottled up and let them go. Breathing correctly is something we forget to do when we grow up.

When we are faced with difficult situations, breathing correctly helps to regulate our emotions and calm us down.

My life would be so different if i was still full into my addition, i wouldn’t be able to look after my fur baby, i wouldn’t be in Pilates, i wouldn’t be able to plan a wedding. I wouldn’t have the life that i have or had if i was still drinking.

Am i grateful for my 24 years of sobriety? Absolutely i am. I love my life. It’s just i feel blue, i am now with writting this blog, slowly being less blue.

Motivation is becoming my friend again.

Tomorrow my tasks will be.

1. Stay home with my Lucky girl until i go to work at lunch time.

2. Get some writting done.

3. Ying yoga to keep up the routine of getting some exercise done everyday. (I do have a weding dress to look hot in.)

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

2 thoughts on “Day 318 Days of Recovery from Procrastination”

    1. Over the years i have gotten better at my practice with my breathing. When i first started getting back into qi gong, my instructor would tell me off, because i would forget to breath. Its such a natural thing to do. Funny what unlearning things does to you. Thank you for following me. Xx

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