Day 311 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

And that is what i did until 8 am this morning. I did wake up once, but that was because hubby to be’s alarm went off and it scared the shit out of me, but thankfully i was able to go back to sleep.

My body on the other hand didn’t like laying down for so long. My hips were screaming at me when i got up. I think i may need to go back to the doctor to get my bone densitie checked.

I was grateful to wake up and not feel sick this morning. I could have probably gone to work, but then the sleep in and being able to sit in my PJs and do some writing this morning was really nice. Sitting at my table with my soy latte was very relaxing.

A few things done in the house today, but not much. I made moves and noises about weeding the garden and even pulled out a few this afternoon when friends were leaving after a suprise visit, but not much was accomplished.

A friend of mine popped over for a quick cuppa, i love this friend she helps to put things in perspective for me. Makes me have lightbulb moments too.

We talked about how things are put in our way to test us and our sobriety. Living life on life’s terms is sometimes tricky seeing as we dont get to pick up a drink and drown out our sorrows any more. Or get to have a drink to celebrate. We learn to let our instincts in, we learn to feel and have feelings. We learn also that our higher power to our understanding has our backs most of the time.

This is me saying to the universe, i have had enough with this whole weight loss thing. Its up to you higher power to show me.

Something that has worked for me in the past. The last time i gave myself over fully to my higher power was when i had resigned myself to being single. I was very content with that i would never find love, started to make moves in my life to make myself happy, and poof, in walked my knight in shining flanny, driving a silver Hilux.

And look at us now we are getting married. 👰🤵❤

I have always found that if i worry to much it never happens the way i want it, it’s only when i walk away from that idea that miracles happen.

I am a extremely conservative girl when it comes to my nails usually. One uniform colour sometimes bright, sometimes sparkly and sometimes bland, but not today, i went out of my comfort zone.

The whole problem with procrastination is that it limits your thinking as well as stopping you from doing what you want and i have always been a girl, who thought outside the box. I have always had a spring in my step and have always been that one that sees rainbows and butterflies.

Mental health has always been on the fringes of my existence, but i have always been good at pushing it to the back of my life, well i was good at it for a while until it took me down quickly and silently.

Now i am aware of when my mental health needs to be checked, i am aware of the triggers and work very hard to keep it at the back of my life again, but the difference is now, i am open about my bouts and let them manifest to a certain degree so that i can see what is causing it and remove the negitive trigger, before it completely over takes me.

Tomorrow my tasks will be,

1. Yoga and Pilates (not sick any more)

2. Wear something bright to go with my nails.

3. Dont let anything worry me.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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