Day 310 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

And those three items. Blue or black jeans. Peared with somthing black unless its my gym wear then there might be a touch of color in my wardrobe.

I was so very disappointed in my selection of clothing this morning. Black leggings with a denim shirt and for the pop of colour my red puffer jacket, because red makes me tell worse jokes apparently. Lol

This was pretty much me this morning. Spring has sprung, but it still feels a bit like winter. My wardrobe needs an overhaul. Just to get a bit of sparkle today i wore,

To the gym for yoga, because they matched my lovely pink top, thats not appropriate for day to day wear.

Its a womans worse nightmare really, what to wear? I am truelly rulely tired of all the dark clothes, but at the same time they hide everything.

Heres my problem and it maybe a touch of procrastination. I walked all around the shopping center today thinking i might buy some new clothes. I found a pair of jeans from Target for $10 bucks. Bargin, now to find a new top, i am over the dark colors, just something a little brightness. Its not much to ask really.

I see lots of things i would like, but they are either for 20 something’s which am not anymore or way out of my price range.

I can see the image of what i want to look like in my head, but i am about 5 sizes smaller too. Not the size i really am.

Frustration sets in, a bit of depression too. I am handicapped a little as technically i am at work and feel guilty that i can buy new clothes and my client isn’t able to.

I think maybe i need to go back on the weekend and have a better look. I need to stop being so hard on myself.

Just a couple of items that can be mixed and matched.

Myers on the other hand has no trouble with procrastination, its already out there

People please its only the second week of September. I do not need to see the decorations out yet. Where has the true spirt of Christmas gone. Leave it till the end of November, make it more exciting to be getting close to Christmas, not drag it out and make it boring.

Sorry a very long rant today, though i do feel better for getting it out. Shows me what i have to do. This procrastination challenge is really helping to get me back on track.

I did get a big bit of weeding done today and a few new plants in too.

So a pretty good day after all.

Tomorrow my tasks will be,

1. Yoga in the morning.

2. Get to see a justice of the peace to get documents signed for the minister

3. Watch a movie and do nothing tomorrow night.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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