Day 304 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

This is how i have been taught to live my life. All throughout my adulthood i have been on the stepping stones, one or two forward, four or six backwards. Never really getting anywhere. Sure i made progress. I have achieved so many things, but self sabotage has been what has pulled me back all those steps.

I have been learning that if i “let go and let God” ( a higher power of my understanding) then my stones get closer, but when i start stressing i am allowing the stones to get further apart.

Today was a busy day, not just physical but mentally as well. With our up coming wedding there seems so much to do and i have vowed not to become a bridezilla.

I felt frazzled on Monday, when i first talked to the printers about the invites, i looked terrible, just having sweat fest during my personal training, I had others texting and calling wanting my time, it made me stumble my word’s. It sort of felt like i under the microscope. My little dog has been worrying us as well.

Today i threw up my hands, said what will be, will be. With doing this i was able to get through work, not make any mistakes, or feel like i was lagging behind. Finish the mock up of the invites and take them to the printers and explain without stumbling over my word’s what i wanted and expected, with confidence. Bonus is that it’s costing me less than i thought and the printer pretty much thanked me for not being a bridezillla.

We picked up our Lucky from the vet and hope this is the last time she has to have any major surgery. Fingers crossed.

Today has been mentally hard as well. To watch someone you love struggle with memories is hard.

My beliefs are that we are all on a journey, we are only on that journey for a certain time of life, we do not know how long we are here for and it really hits home that tomorrow is not guaranteed and we should live our life to the best that we can.

We all have days, when we remember that a love one has passed, we are not weak for remembering or having a cry. It is human nature to feel, it should be recognized, it should be talked about and it should be seen as a place of love.

Procrastination and worry is not living your life to your fullest potential.

Tomorrow is Thursday.

1. 23 degrees tomorrow i am going to enjoy the sun, while enjoying coffee with a friend.

2. Ying yoga. What a great way to stretch out your worries and make them disappear.

3. Put on my lipstick. Its something i do not do often.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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