Day 284 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

I found this in my fitness magazine this morning while i was eating my breakfast. Funny how things pop up from the universe and punch you in the face. It pretty much sums up how i have felt about my procrastination problem. It also tells me that its ok to rest, but then i should already know that.

Procrastination can take over if i let it, but with the last 81 days, i have been learning to balance out my priorities and not to sweat the small stuff so much. Today i have learnt i am stronger than i think.

Maybe i haven’t been procrastinating as much as i thought, but just evolving into a new and improved me. I think that i have struggled against this, because with most people in recovery, change can be difficult. I know that i have tried being in charge of most things in my life, and it hasn’t always worked out how i like it, but then life doesn’t always go the way you think its going to go.

Sometimes you hear things, feel things or see things that make you stop and make you grateful for the choices you have made in life. I am internally grateful for being sober, and that i made that choice as a 20 year old. I am also grateful that i didn’t experience a lot of the yets that i hear from others in the rooms or even those who never make it in the rooms. I say a prayer for those who have lost their life to the addiction that could have easily taken mine if i hadn’t had my lightbulb moment all those years ago.

Today i have rested and relived good memories. We have hopefully taken our lucky girl to the vet concerning her eye for the last time, and i did a little work.

Tomorrow is a new day thankfully.

1. Early morning workout

2. Get my nails done ( yes i know not a procrastination type of thing, but they are driving me crazy. I will be happy to get them fixed)

3. Take the day as it comes, because really thats all you can do.


Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

2 thoughts on “Day 284 Days of Recovery from Procrastination”

  1. On that second little quote, I don’t know as I’d subscribe to the notion that I’d be standing tall if I had to first list all of the bad stuff I’d been through. If I have to display my victimhood first, the last thing I can say is I’m over it.

    Maybe it’s just me and how I was raised.

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