Day 276/269 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

What a busy day/ week. I started this post last Wednesday and today is Wednesday again.

Where does the time go? The last week has been very busy, very emotional and very tiring.

Last Wednesday i was already tired from getting up at 4.30 am to go to the gym, going to work and getting ready for my trip to QLD. My sister inlaw who was travelling with me, arrived late at my house and we had an early start the next day.

Thursday i was excited to get up and go early to the airport as it was the start of my first hens weekend. ( i am having two, because i can). We arrived in Brisbane and went shopping and to the movies for the day while we waited for my friend who we were staying with to get home from work. I was also able to pop in and see my friend and her new baby. Love having cuddles. I had an early night.

Friday i was awake early, so i could go to my happy place and go rock climbing. Its the one thing that i do every time i go to Brisbane. Back to my friends for a quick shower and back into the city to go to our hotel.

My sister inlaw did a brilliant job in getting us our room, with the amazing views of my happy place. ( kangaroo point )

Out for dinner when one more friend arrived from up north. Then on to a strip show and a live band.

Saturday was the main hen’s bash. More climbing in the morning, running away from the midgies that have eaten me alive. High tea on the Brisbane river, with 13 friends, was how it it started, QLD true it’s character put on a huge storm just before it started, getting us all wet, but it didn’t deter us, as we knew the sun would come out.

Back to the room to join some more friends, for some hen’s night games and out again to tea and off to a pub to see my friends band playing.

Sunday it was hard to get up. While i do not drink any more, i am not used to going out so much any more, and i had a long drive ahead of me.

I left Brisbane to drive home to Victoria, stopping along the way for a funeral for a man i once loved a long time ago. We share a child, a brave and strong child who took it all in her stride. I was so proud of how she organised everything and conducted herself through out the day. It was wonderful to spend time with her and my two beautiful grandsons.

Yesterday, i left for the last part of my trip home. Twelve hours it took me to get home. I cuddled hubby to be. Patted our fur babies, had a shower layed on the couch and slept for tweleve hours.

I did struggle through work this morning, and came home and slept again. Today i am taking it easy, because i am not as young as i used to be, and it felt like an epic trip. My body isn’t used to late nights, early mornings and a lot of driving.

Tomorrow my tasks will be light ones. I am giving myself time to heal and relax.

1. Coffee in the morning with a friend.

2. Some work in the afternoon

3. Some writting.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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