Day 225/221 Day’s of Recovery from Procrastination

Tis the season to be silly, tis the season to worry and fret over ever small detail, to make sure that everything is done, ready and prepared for the one day of the year that is meant to bring people closer. Its meant to bring cheer and good will, but sometimes and i know i am guilty of this i have worried not having brought enough presents, are they exactly what was expected of me.

Is there enough food, will everyone like it. Tis the season when there is to much stress and i want to be a little kid again and not have the worry of adulthood. Its like the world goes crazy the day before the big bearded red suited jolly bloke arrives and then there is peace for just one day, but usually not till the evening when all the presents are unwrapped, all the food is eaten and the guests have left.

Then its crazy again, because the shops and everything stop for one day. The streets are packed, the shops are lined up out the door and people are grumpy again.

This is what i am aiming for this holiday season. I have been feeling the anxiety starting to creep up, but i have stopped and looked around me and realise that while its a very special day, where families are meant to come together, forget and forgive any upsets from the year past, its not about the right presents or the right food or the quantity of either, but its about the love that we have for each other.

So for today, which is how i live, i am not going to worry about, presents, food or any other thing that causes anxiety over the holidays.

I will leave everything up to my higher power and see what happens.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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