Day 172 Days of Recovery from Procrastination

This is my stand as a responsible citizen standing up for my rights as a sober person.

Tonight when i was nearly home from my AA meeting, i was pulled over for a random breath test. I usually love being asked if i have had a drink in the last 15 minutes, my usual response is to advise the office of the exact years since i stopped drinking, in my case 24 years, but tonight i was a little horrified by the scenario that played out in front of me.

I followed a divi van, into the line to be breath tested, thinking to myself well this will be interesting watching a police office, breathalizing another police office. I saw that the driver window was open as was mine to help speed up the process, when i seen the young police officer smile, mock handing over the breathalyzer only to bring it back and wave the police car on, i was dumb founded.

No breath test!!! Why the F#%k not?

When it was my turn i asked why he hadnt breath tested the other officer, to be told that he wouldn’t be drinking on duty. I said no one should drink and drive, which he agreed.

How does he know there hadn’t been a few cheecky drinks with lunch or the water bottle wasn’t full of vodka or wine? He doesn’t! He just assumed that the officer was a responsible police office.

So me being a little miffed by this said to the officer,

“well i have been to an AA meeting and haven’t had a drink in 24 years, i shouldn’t have to be breath tested either. He asked me how would he know if i hadnt had a drink, i asked how did he know the police office in the divi van hadnt had one?

No answer and i still had to do the breath test, which as usual came up 0.00.

It is a sad state of affairs when those who force us to uphold the law, have different rules for themselves.

As a parent and a carer of people with a disability who dont really have any respect for the law.

How am i supposed to stick up for the police and say they up hold the law if they dont lead by example?

I think i should be issued with a card saying that i am sober, so am exempt from breath tests.

That would be nice, but would never happen.

Equality and leading by example would be nice.

Thanks for letting me rant. Its just a simple thing in life.

Author: Lightbulb Moment Recovery Coach

Everyone is in recovery from something. Let me help you recover and live the life you deserve.

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